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Top 5 Destiny 2 Exotic weapons for PvE activities

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Exotic weapons are some of the best selections in Destiny 2. These weapons function very well, not just in PvP but also in PvE modes.

What makes an Exotic weapon so special is the inclusion of an intrinsic perk. These perks grant special powers that come in handy while engaging the enemy across all activities in the game.

Destiny 2 has an overwhelming amount of Exotic weapons, and almost all of them fit in some build or the other. Having said that, here are five of the best Exotics widely used in PvE activities, including Nightfall Strikes, raids, and dungeons. Note: This article reflects the opinions of the writer. While PvE activities might not be as competitive as PvP activities, they are challenging in their own way.

From rooms filled with ads to bosses with a large health pool, PvE activities in Destiny 2 can be downright annoying if players don't go ahead with the correct build or a weapon.The Arbalest is the only kinetic linear fusion rifle.

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