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Destiny 2 Players Find Evidence Explaining Nimbus' Immaturity

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Destiny 2 players are calling attention to an easily missable line of dialogue that offers insight into why the Cloud Strider Nimbus might be so immature.

Lightfall, Destiny 2's latest expansion, has been heavily criticized for its story. That includes the introduction of the Cloud Striders, Nimbus and Ronan, and Nimbus' immature and unserious characterization especially.

But Destiny 2 players think there may be some background information explaining why Nimbus acts the way they do.For the most part, the main Lightfall campaign story is thin on detail regarding the city of Neomuna and its Cloud Strider protectors.

The basic idea is that the people of Neomuna escaped to Neptune to avoid The Collapse and that its Cloud Striders protect it from all foes — even Guardians, if needs be.

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