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Destiny 2 Fans Want One Big Change Made to Strand

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One of the key features introduced to Destiny 2 with its most recent expansion has been the Strand subclass, though fans are disappointed about having to unlock the subclass' individual aspects and fragments separately for each character that they've made.

While Destiny 2's developers have made some tweaks to Strand since the expansion launched, the DLC has left much to be desired in the eyes of frequent players.Strand is the fifth subclass to be introduced to Destiny 2, offering the ability to traverse the world like never before through the use of grapples as well as destroy foes in a variety of new ways.

Each of the three classes gets a slightly different flavor of Strand due to the unique abilities that they receive, with unique super abilities, aspects, and melee abilities allowing every class to fill a certain niche role with Strand.

Bungie has made some changes to the accessibility of Strand since the launch of Destiny 2: Lightfall, making certain fragments available ahead of their initially-planned release with the Root of Nightmares raid. Destiny 2 Guardians Gather to Pay Tribute to Lance Reddick Strand's design shares the same depth that has been brought to the Light subclasses in Destiny 2 over the past year with the subclass 3.0 system, but unlocking Strand's abilities has proven to be a much more tedious task for fans.

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