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Top 5 nameless protagonists in video games

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Protagonists are the foundation of any medium, especially video games, wherein players experience the narrative through the protagonist’s worldview.

It is unnatural for game developers to have nameless protagonists as it elevates the player’s expectations from other game departments to compensate for the nameless hero.However, a handful of protagonists have managed to enhance the games they are featured in.

Some have become legendary icons, thereby intertwined with the franchise's identity. Nameless protagonists can immerse players better as most other game world characters address them directly. Disclaimer: This listicle is subjective and solely reflects the writer's opinions. Id Software brought the Doom franchise back into the spotlight with their fantastic reboot of the series in 2016 titled Doom.

Players step into the shoes of a man called Slayer, who is affectionately called Doomguy. Not only is he devoid of any name, but he also has no voiced lines in the game.Players, however, can feel the grit and fearless demeanor of the Slayer through his in-game actions.

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