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Diablo 4 early access preview - The Devil is in the details

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Diablo 4 hosted an “early access” event this weekend for everyone who pre-ordered the upcoming action RPG. I previewed the Act 1 content in an earlier build, but this felt better.Though I played several sessions solo as a Rogue and a Sorcerer, most of my time in the Diablo 4 early access event was either in a two-person or three-person party.

While this early access period wasn’t perfect, it was far more enjoyable than before.Like in the previous build of Diablo 4, this allowed players to access Act 1 with a trio of characters - The Barbarian, Sorcerer, and Druid.

It also featured a level cap of 25; however, it also seemed like more of the features and functions of the game were available.The game has improved, from the smoothness of the leveling to the ease with which group content is available.

This is the first time I played in co-op, and so much of my time was spent on that.Getting a multiplayer group with my friends was easy, but I wonder if players can queue up to do content with random players in the future.

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