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Destiny 2’s Unique Titan Melee Build Gets Nerfed

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One of the most popular melee-oriented builds in Destiny 2 has been nerfed, leaving Titans without another unique gameplay option for close-quarter encounters.

Destiny 2's impressive arsenal of unique armors and weapons has led to some of the most innovative builds in the series' almost decade-long history, which continues to grow as new perks and weapon types get introduced with each major content release.

Most of the time, these interactions do not provide game-breaking benefits to players, except for those rare instances when players discover a combination that eventually leads to specific weapons and armor being disabled in Destiny 2.Destiny 2 players have always been fascinated with the bladed weapons in-game since Swords were introduced in Destiny's The Taken King expansion.

The developers would even match the community's enthusiasm by introducing a sword-based movement tech in Destiny 2 but promptly nerfed when players started to trivialize endgame content by skipping treacherous jumping sections.

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