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WWE 2K23 Player Shows What The Rock Would Look Like as The Lock

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A WWE 2K23 player recently imagined Dwayne «The Rock» Johnson with an entirely new look. Apart from re-imagining the legendary appearance of The Rock, the WWE 2K23 player shared what it would be like if he returned to WWE with this new look.In WWE 2K23, players can create their own custom superstars in Create A Wrestler mode as well as edit the existing superstars.

Thanks to the Create A Wrestler feature, players can recreate existing superstars for use in modes that require custom wrestlers.

The MyRise mode in WWE 2K23 has two different storylines for custom wrestlers, The Lock and The Legacy. A player recently started The Lock storyline using their own version of The Rock.

WWE 2K23 Trick Gives Players Even More Control Over Universe Mode Reddit user miraclewhips- replicated The Rock in MyRise mode and shared the image of the legend as The Lock, which shows how he looks with a chain and padlock around his neck.

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