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WWE 2K23 guide: How to unlock Edge '06?

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WWE 2K23 features many game modes, including the Showcase mode, which takes you on John Cena's career journey. Players can unlock new playable characters by playing as different wrestlers and completing specific objectives.

To unlock Edge’06, you must complete "A Revolutionary Cashing In," the eighth match in Showcase mode.The objectives of the match are presented and voiced by John Cena, and you will be watching a lot of real-life footage of the events from his career.

The match revolves around the New Year’s Revolution event of 2006.WWE 2K23’s Showcase mode is extensive and comprises sixteen matches for you.

To unlock Edge ‘06, you must reach the eighth match and complete all the objectives presented on screen from John Cena’s perspective but highlight the requirements prominently.It would be best if you satisfied the following conditions to defeat John Cena in this match:Apart from unlocking Edge ‘06, you also obtain three other rewards: New Year’s Revolution 06 Arena, John Cena ‘06, and Lita ‘06 in New Year’s Revolution outfit.

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