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WWE 2K23 guide: How to unlock Hulk Hogan

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It wouldn’t be surprising to see one of the most widely recognized wrestlers in the roster lineup of WWE 2K23. Hulk Hogan was the most popular wrestler in the 1980s and is regarded as one of the greatest ever.

Fans will always appreciate his addition to the game and should not worry if they can’t find him on the roster initially.Each year, Showcase mode highlights the career of a select Superstar by letting people play through a handpicked series of matches.

John Cena is this year’s Showcase Superstar, but the game highlights some of his biggest losses instead of showing off his career highs.Match 17 of the Showcase mode in WWE 2K23 is a Fatal Fourway match between John Cena, “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, Hulk Hogan, and Bruno Sammartino.

This match, aptly named Council of Legends, has players controlling John Cena. Apart from just winning the match, players can complete three side objectives:As the objectives state, they require John Cena to eliminate every other wrestler in the ring.

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