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Hogwarts Legacy Chicken Trick is Good for Getting Some Extra Gold

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There are many things in Hogwarts Legacy that require players to spend in-game gold, and players have discovered a chicken trick that's good for earning a little extra.

With how many spells there are in Hogwarts Legacy, it's easy for players to forget about some useful tools for challenges they face, and this fan has discovered a tool most others could use themselves to get free gold.As Hogwarts Legacy players progress through the storyline, they will unlock a wide variety of spells both offensive and defensive, as well as unique Room of Requirement and magical beast ones.

Among the Hogwarts Legacy spells is the transformation spell which is part of the yellow control magic that can double as barrier destroyers should an enemy shield match the color.

Though this transformation ability is rarely utilized in the Hogwarts Legacy campaign, some players have found a purpose for it in their side activities. Hogwarts Legacy Player Points Out Gross Detail About Bathtubs Reddit user BigPlayG757 and YouTube content creator VividGamingTV are among a few Hogwarts Legacy players that have discovered that you can turn basically anything into in-game gold.

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