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Merlin Trials Prove What Hogwarts Legacy's Biggest Problem Really Is

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In , players will likely become accustomed to Merlin Trials before they even become accustomed to their favorite magical spells — and although this may not seem like cause for immediate concern, it actually highlights the game's most significant underlying issue.

The prequel isn't the only title guilty of this developmental oversight, but it's certainly one of the most disappointing cases, considering the potential could have fulfilled otherwise.

Thankfully, Merlin Trials aren't the only activities that students will encounter while exploring the Scottish Highlands. There are several caves, goblin mining operations, and poacher camps waiting to be discovered, and each will usually contain some sort of loot.

Players can also find all the Astronomy Tables in , which will reward them with something even more exciting. However, whereas these locations are a bit less common, there's a Merlin Trial almost everywhere the protagonist turns, which demonstrates the biggest problem in .

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