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What is a Druid in ‘Dungeons & Dragons?’

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Building a playable Dungeons & Dragons character may seem simple, but that couldn’t be further from the truth.There are several factors to consider when deciding what kind of adventurer you want to play; do you want to be a vicious barbarian who excels at hand-to-hand combat?

What about a wizard who casts spells with the help of a divine patron? The options are nearly endless, and with so many opportunities for customization, it’s easy to spend more time daydreaming about the possibilities than actually playing a D&D campaign.Every class has its strengths and weaknesses — what matters most is creating a character you’re satisfied with that hopefully fits into the story crafted by your game’s dungeon master.

Picking your class depends on not only your own playing style and preferences, but also the team you’ll be adventuring with.If you don’t want to spend too much time thinking about your character, it can be helpful to pick a class that is somewhere between melee and magic.

Consider playing a druid your next campaign.Doric’s Theme from @DnDMovie Dungeons & Dragons, druids are similar to clerics, but with a slight inclination toward magic.

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