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Random: Gran Turismo Director Solicits WipEout Lore Expert, Gets Former Psygnosis Dev | Push Square

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Neill Blomkamp, director of the upcoming Gran Turismo flick (which actually looks quite good, btw), raised some eyebrows when he called for a Wipeout Lore expert on Twitter.

We already knew that Blomkamp was a fan and that he was teasing fans online as recently as yesterday, but this takes things another step in the right direction.

Even better, he got one. Damon Fairclough was a writer at the now-defunct Psygnosis, AKA Studio Liverpool, responsible for most of the in-universe lore up to and including WipEout Fusion.

With the two connected, now all there is left to do is wait. What do you think of all this? Are we inching towards an inevitable WipEout movie?

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