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How to respec skills in Diablo IV

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The ability to respec skills in Diablo IV is vital to creating and experimenting with a variety of different builds and playstyles.

Diablo IV takes the isometric looter game and transitions it into a live service game with massive seamless zones, intense PvP fights, and PvE world bosses.

Knowing how to change up your build will be critical to conquering the lands of Sanctuary. This guide will explain where and how to respec your skills in Diablo IV. Related: How to speed up queue times for Diablo 4 How to respec skills in Diablo IV Diablo IV consists of five different classes that, each possess a vast assortment of different skills.

You can unlock these skills with skill points, but skill points are a finite resource. If you don’t like a particular ability or don’t want to use it anymore, you’re in luck, as Diablo IV doesn’t lock respec behind a quest or hard-to-obtain item.

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