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Diablo 4 Players Unhappy With the Game's UI

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Diablo 4 is in open beta, and players have eagerly flocked into the world of Sanctuary to see what the latest installment in the franchise has to offer, as the user interface has seemingly left many fans hoping for something better.

The topic of user interface in Diablo games yields a remarkably varied set of opinions coming from all corners of the community, with many fans clinging to the nostalgic look of Diablo 2, while others preferring the sleek redesign of Diablo 3.

Though Blizzard has been transparent about its deep dives into Diablo 4 and the world of Sanctuary, the UI largely remained under wraps until now.It's no secret that players and Twitch streamers alike have been enjoying the open beta, despite encountering several frustrating bugs along the way such as Asmongold having his Diablo 4 beta character deleted through a network disconnect crash.

The key pillars of a Diablo game have arguably been gameplay and atmosphere, and though many fans agree that Blizzard has nailed these aspects in Diablo 4, the major gripes seem to revolve around the game's dungeon design, as well as the user interface. Redfall and Diablo 4 Will Have DLSS 3 Support at Launch A thread made by GoofyMTG on the official subreddit for Diablo 4 sparked a discussion about the game's choice to forgo the use of Diablo's iconic font in favor of a generic Arial lookalike.

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