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Can you obtain a mount in the Diablo 4 beta?

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The Diablo 4 early access beta is finally live, offering players extensive content to get into and enjoy before the RPG officially drops later in June.With hordes of monsters to take down and legendary gear to obtain, the early access is turning out to be quite a memorable experience for fans of the franchise.Now with open beta access to the game set to go live in a few days' time, many in the community are a bit curious about some of the things they can enjoy in the beta version.One of the more popular questions amongst players is whether they will be able to get their hands on a mount as they progress through the narrative.

Unfortunately, both the Diablo 4 beta tests will not let them use one at any time during the playthrough.Even though stables are located in every major stronghold of the map, getting a ride is impossible in the pre-release versions of the game.While the Diablo 4 beta might not allow players to get their hands on a mount, it’s confirmed that they will be able to obtain and ride a horse when the RPG gets its full release.This is because to unlock rides in the game, they will first need to reach level 30 and complete a quest.

However, both beta versions of Diablo 4 cap the level at 25, so mounting is not present in either the early access or the open beta.When Diablo 4 finally gets its official release, players will be presented with a quest called Mount: Donan’s Favor when they reach level 30.

Only after completing it will they be able to unlock all the stables throughout the map and be able to purchase mounts.Until the final game releases this June, players will be stuck to using their feet to get to places.

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