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Is Diablo 4 making its way to Xbox Game Pass?

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Apart from a few hiccups with connectivity and insanely long log-in queues, the Diablo 4 beta experience has been incredible.Fans of the franchise have praised the incredible amount of content that Blizzard was able to chalk up for the new franchise entry, making the main game one of the most-anticipated title launches of 2023.When it comes to exploration, world events, side quests, and main missions, there is a lot going on with the RPG.

This has made many in the community curious about some of the features and items they can expect from the title once it drops this June.One of the more common questions is whether Diablo 4 will be making its way to the Xbox or PC Game Pass.

Unfortunately, the RPG is not on Microsoft’s subscription, and there are no plans to bring it during or immediately after launch.Those looking to try out Diablo 4 in Microsoft's subscription model will not be able to do so anytime soon.

The game is not getting a day-one GamePass launch, and it seems that there are no plans for it to make its way to the platform any time soon.In a recent tweet, Rod Fergusson, the general manager for the Diablo brand, addressed some of the community's curiosities regarding the RPG coming to the subscription.

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