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Ashava Streamer RIP Roundup - Hardcore Bloodbath with Diablo IV's World Boss

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Ashava, one of the highly anticipated encounters during the Early Access and Open Beta Weekends for Diablo IV, was tested yesterday — after some Daylight Savings Time confusion, that is.

An incredibly challenging encounter, Ashava ripped through adventurers like paper, using huge sweeping attacks, poison spit, and nasty chomps.

Hardcore players are used to death — but even many Hardcore veterans were shocked at Ashava's brutality! Many characters met their grisly end during the encounters, and many more had near death experiences.

Goratha's Sorceress nearly passed away due to poison — only a quick Scroll of Escape prevented an untimely demise! Not everyone was nearly so lucky, however — many characters were doomed to never leave the icy clutch of The Crucible.

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