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Diablo IV Beta Hands-on – The King Is Back and Runs Well on PC

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After many long years of wait, the Diablo IV Beta is finally underway on PC and consoles. This weekend, the gates of Sanctuary are open to all pre-order customers, while everyone else will be able to get in and try the game for free the next weekend.It's been a long time since the beta of a mainline Diablo game on PC.

The final Diablo III beta ran nearly eleven years ago, so there was understandably huge anticipation among the millions of fans of Blizzard's franchise.As such, the first couple hours saw a mad rush of players trying to log in, with extremely long queues to enter the Diablo IV Beta.

Personally, I tried to log in at 6.30 PM CET, roughly an hour and a half after the servers went live. I was met with an estimated wait time of 148 minutes, though the game actually let me in a little less than two hours.The wait was more than worth it, though.

Right away, Diablo IV impresses thanks to an excellent presentation, both in terms of in-game visuals (mostly thanks to the fully dynamic lighting) and how the narrative unfolds via in-engine cutscenes.There's even an interesting twist early on that eventually leads the player character to become connected with Lilith, Daughter of Hatred and mother of Sanctuary, whose feud with Inarius (Sanctuary's father) is at the very core of Diablo IV's story.If there's one thing I must criticize about the Beta, it's that it takes simply far too long to unlock any abilities.

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