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Diablo IV's Early Access Beta Impressions From A Diablo Noob

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It's one of my gaming blindspots, Diablo, given that I've known about the series for pretty much my whole teenage and adult life, yet really haven't played the series that much.

Diablo IV might just change that when it fully releases this June, as the Early Access beta going on this past weekend has made me finally feel like it's time to get hooked on an ARPG.I am, by all intents and purposes, a Diablo noob.

Sure, I've known about the game and its history since I had a girlfriend break up with me for getting their end-game Necromancer permakilled in Diablo II because I had the gall to call her while we were in high school.

From there I really didn't play too many ARPGs.I dabbled in Torchlight and Torchlight II, though Path of Exile is the only ARPG to keep my interest for any length of time (and still does).

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