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Who is Ashava and how to find him in Diablo 4?

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Ashava is a level 25 world boss in Diablo 4, against whom players can fight for high-tier loot. He is the best source for guaranteed legendary gear.Unfortunately, Ashava has specific spawn times, and players need to be aware of that to find and fight him.

In the beta, Ashava will spawn at specific times. These have been mentioned in this article.Spawn times for both the early access and open beta have been provided so players can prepare to take him on.

It is important to remember that Ashava will one-shot players if they are anything less than level 25. Hence, grinding beforehand is necessary.The level 25 Ashava boss fight is currently the only end-game content available in Diablo 4.

This is a world boss and can usually be found on the eastern side of the map, as shown in the image below. Players will be notified about a world event whenever Ashava is about to spawn.Players will ideally get the notification around 30 minutes before the fight and find several others standing and waiting for the boss to spawn.

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