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Genuine question: What makes you still buying a console in 2022? - PlayStation 5 (PS5) Forum - Page 3

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@LN78 I do think, at this point, however home console tech evolves, we're at the endpoint in terms of seismic changes between models.

The last potential differentiator is the adoption of SSD tech, which will be in everything going forward. Games take so long to make now that it'll take years before this happens, IMO, but you'll probably see some improvements in terms of how games are designed level design-wise at some point.

Otherwise? As you've alluded to, we've pretty much hit the point where adding more triangles to a 3D model isn't really going to give you appreciable gains to image quality.

Nintendo has more time in that regard, since they're still fairly behind in raw specs, and there are a lot of improvements we'll be seeing in terms of mobile and battery tech in coming years, but it'll eventually hit them too. @Ralizah For sure — factor in that «exclusivity» is becoming such a nebulous term and that physical games such as they are are on their last legs and can see myself having a high spec PC and whatever the Nintendo hybrid du jour happens to be (I don't see them moving away from that functionality) moving forwards.

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