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Cryptark Sequel Gunhead Still Lives with New Gameplay Trailer - Hardcore Gamer

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Sometimes things take a while. Maybe it’s more work than expected, or maybe other things get in the way. Cryptark originally came out in Early Access in 2015, an action-shooter spaceship assault where you not only needed good reflexes but good planning.

Taking out the core would be a lot simpler if the defense, repair, and alarm systems weren’t making life much more difficult than it needed to be, so going into the action with a strategy was vital.

Cryptark left Early Access in 2017, Gunhead was announce a few months later, and then things got quiet for a while. Not from the developer, because Alientrap has released both Autocraft and Wytchwood in the intervening years, but just on the Gunhead front.

That’s all over now, though, because Cryptark’s sequel is now at the head of the development line and ready to show off again.

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