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Umbrella Academy Season 3's Grace Is A Massive Plot Hole

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Warning: Contains spoilers for The Umbrella Academy season 3. In The Umbrella Academy season 3, Grace (Jordan Claire Robbins), AKA “mom” plays a major role, but she actually creates a massive plot hole.

In a story where time travel is a part of the standard narrative arc, plot holes might be expected to be common. However, The Umbrella Academy has been remarkably consistent about how things work and when time travel paradoxes are created, they serve as major plot points and are not simply story errors that are forgotten.

In The Umbrella Academy TV show, Reginald Hargreeves built a robot and called it Grace to serve as the primary caregiver and adoptive mother to the seven children that he adopted.

This idea is taken directly from the comics where The Umbrella Academy’s mother often makes reference to needing to put her limbs on before appearing in public.

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