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Who is super hyped and ready for TEKKEN 8?! So I’m certainly not a one-on-one fighting game guy… but I do try to play good examples of each genre (& as a result enjoyed a brief dalliance with Tekken 7 a while back).

Yeah I’ll look forward to giving it a go! Edited on by colonelkilgore I've not picked up a fighting game in years, but am tempted to go for either T8 or SF6… really not sure which, but leaning more towards Tekken (purely due to fact I am more fluent with their character base) Why not!

Will definitely be picking it up as Tekken is my favorite fighting game series. I was hyped for Tekken in 1995. I am hyped for Tekken 8 almost 30 years later.

Edited on by Gamer_Guy I suspect we're still at least a full year from launch but yeah, it looks good, I'm in. I just hope the online is better than in 7.

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