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New Game is Supposedly 'Roblox for Adults'

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Developer Airland Studios revealed Airland World, a free-to-play sandbox game-creation platform described as “Roblox for adults.” With an ever-growing community of millions of players worldwide, the success of Roblox seems to be inspiring other companies to provide their own game-building platforms.When it comes to sandbox platforms allowing people to build their own games and gather thousands of players, few titles are as popular as Roblox.

With many templates and building blocks, Roblox Studio allows anyone to create their own game and publish it for the 230 million registered Roblox players to discover.

Creators get a commission every time someone purchases something in-game, which can turn into a ridiculous amount if this game becomes as popular as Roblox hits Adopt Me!

or Murder Mystery 2. Each Roblox game is different, with seemingly endless possibilities for new gameplay innovations, with some Roblox games even competing with popular licenses like Call of Duty. RELATED: Roblox Is Officially Collaborating With SpongeBob and Teenage Mutant Ninja TurtlesAirland Studios wants to benefit from Roblox’s popularity and take its share of this ever-growing market by offering its own sandbox game-creation platform, Airland World.

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