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Destiny players are gathering in the Tower to pay last respects to Lance Reddick

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Actor Lance Reddick had an impressive career in film and television, but to gamers he's likely best known as Commander Zavala, the Titan Vanguard in the Destiny games.

It was a role he embraced, and not just within the development studio: He was known for his appreciation of both the game (he played himself) and its fans, and made an awful lot of them very happy in 2021 when they asked him to read Destiny 2 memes in Zavala's voice—and he said «yes.» Here's a clip of «Lance talking to Lance» from a Destiny 2 play session in 2022: Playing Destiny 2 w/ @WacoOGuin! #Farzar out on @netflix July 15th 30, 2022 Reddick's devotion to Destiny 2 and its community made him a fan favorite, and following the report of his death earlier today, players have been gathering in the tower to pay their respects to the man and the character he portrayed: Zavala, the taciturn father figure of the Tower.

Tim Clark, perhaps PC Gamer's most ardent Destiny 2 player, captured a clip of Destiny 2 players surrounding and saluting Zavala high on the Tower overlook.

Clark told me whatever instance he loaded into it was filled with players gathering around Zavala, often kneeling or popping the appropriate emotes they could find.  (The sad swing appeared to be a favourite.) The tower right now.

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