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Destiny 2 Fans Are Gathering In-Game To Pay Tribute To Actor Lance Reddick

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Earlier today, it was confirmed that actor Lance Reddick had passed away from natural causes at the age of 60, devastating fans across the globe.

He was most well known for his roles as officer Cedrick Daniels in The Wire, Charon in John Wick, and Sylens from the Horizon series, but those of you who play Destiny 2 will know him as fan-favorite character Commander Zavala.

Reddick was a huge part of the Destiny 2 community, and many fans and employees at Bungie have been hit hard by his passing.

To show just how special Reddick was to the community, many fans of Destiny 2 have begun to gather around Commander Savala in-game to pay tribute to the actor (thanks The Loadout).

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