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Lance Reddick Voiced Hellboy in Upcoming Game

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Actor Lance Reddick recently passed away and left his mark on many shows like and films like and its three sequels. However, he’s also been known for his video game roles like his character Zavala in and Sylens in the series.

However, he’s also slated for at least one more game, one where he plays the titular role: . Hellboy creator Mike Mignola tweeted about it in a reaction to the actor’s untimely death, noting that Reddick was “such a nice guy.” He recalled meeting with him a few weeks prior, as Reddick was set to voice Hellboy “for a new computer game.” I'm stunned.

I was just with him a couple weeks ago as he was doing the voice of Hellboy for a new computer game–He was so great and such a nice guy.

And just so young! Just too sad. While he doesn’t outright say it, he’s talking about the third-person roguelite , which was revealed at The Game Awards in December 2022.

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