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Amid Evil: The Black Labyrinth and VR Both Coming Soon with New Trailers - Hardcore Gamer

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There’s an art to big, dumb, and loud, and if not practiced carefully all that’s left is chaotic noise. Amid Evil is one of the best throwback FPSes available, hitting perfectly all the notes that made Doom and Heretic such great games back in the day despite the simple premise.

It’s been decades since one of Doom’s level designers, Sandy Peterson, described the game as “whack-a-mole”, which is technically true but also maybe a tiny bit reductive.

Good weapons, impressive arenas, and of course a huge variety of aggressive moles to whack come into play, and Amid Evil had them all plus tons of secrets to spice up the adventure, making for a shooter whose environments dragged you forward every bit as much as the anticipation for the next encounter.

It’s been four years since Amid Evil first released and now it’s almost time to do it all over again in VR, plus journey back into the original game with the long-promised Black Labyrinth expansion.

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