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‘Street Fighter 6’ critic roasted beyond recognition over comments on ‘woke controls’ in the game

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I have to be honest with you all here; this situation is an instance of the world proving that it’s capable of creating a better comedy than any single person on this Earth is capable of writing.

But, while I’m certainly a proponent of acknowledging the capabilities of the universe, it also leaves me upstream without a paddle, so to speak; there is nothing I could possibly write here that could further lampoon this state of affairs more than it does on its own."woke controls" what appears to be an unofficial (despite what the parentheses may tell you) Street Fighter 6 fan group on Facebook, a member wasted no time lambasting Eternity, a flamboyant new character to the series who seems to serve as a host-esque NPC of sorts; vanilla homophobia, nothing special here.But then they complained about “woke controls,” a concept that, just within the last couple of minutes writing this article, I’ve lost a record number brain cells trying to comprehend."Woke controls" Whoever wrote this LITERALLY said:"Woke Controls"Yeah man, I can't wait for someone to win EVO with Lk+down HP + Bisexuality + M.FTM into Lvl 3 Super comboIndeed, I’m not sure whether Street Fighter 6 is introducing some brand new control scheme to go alongside Modern, Classic, and Dynamic, or if the folks over at Capcom have somehow figured out to make controller configurations socially aware of the discrimination and hardships faced by racial, gender, and sexual minorities.

Not sure why they’re busy making another Street Fighter if their engineering abilities have reached those levels, though.Don't you know?

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