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@themightyant I think your right, the ability to so closely compare their car with AM has most likely prompted this bold decision.

Especially with how much AM has progressed. I wonder how quickly within budget/development restrictions they can get a new body done? @BearsEatBeets reading between the lines of a few things they said previously it sounded like they already had an alternative option as a backup plan, from when they were unsure of whether they would keep down this current route or about turn and follow Red Bull like everyone else.

But I can’t imagine that will be very far along die to cost cap, so no idea! @themightyant I suppose even if they blow a big chunk of there budget doing it now, at least they won't have wasted any more money on the current package.

They might be able to do it quite quickly if they had a back up plan like you say. If I'm remembering correctly didn't Red Bull test last year with one design then turn up at the first race with a different one?

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