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Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon vs Pokemon Sun and Moon: What are the differences?

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In the second iteration of Pokémon Sun and Moon, Ultra Sun and Moon, many fans revisiting the past Gen may wonder what the differences are.

As the last generation in the series to get multiple iterations of games instead of DLC, going back and choosing the right game can feel intimidating.

The information below helps illustrate a few of the critical changes between both adventures in the Alola region. While the story in both Ultra Sun and Moon and Sun and Moon is set in the same location, and features most of the same Pokémon throughout the four islands in the region, the stories and goals of the second iteration are very different from each other.

The story is entirely different to the original From the moment you walk out of your home in Alola for the first time and travel up the familiar route, everything is different in Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon.

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