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Players are randomly encountering the Butcher in Diablo 4 beta dungeons and getting wrecked

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Fans getting their first taste of the Diablo IV beta this weekend are also discovering that they can be on the receiving end of the hack and slash mayhem if they aren’t careful in dungeons.

While exploring the deep places of Sanctuary, some players are randomly stumbling upon a fan-favorite minion of hell called The Butcher.

This villain is a staple in the series, and encountering him in the beta is sure to get your blood pumping. Unlucky players have taken to Reddit to discuss their unfortunate run ins with the hook-wielding behemoth.

Apparently, the Butcher has a super low chance to spawn in the dungeons around the Fractured Peaks. You will know he is there by the pounding of feet, and he will even shout, “Fresh meat!” when he sees you. Related: Will Diablo 4 have microtransactions?

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