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New Super Mario Bros Movie Clip Potentially Reveals How Luigi Was Captured By Bowser

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Mere weeks before The Super Mario Bros. Movie comes out in theaters, the movie continues to release small snippets that may give viewers little glimpses of how the plot of the film will unfold, including how Luigi may have potentially gotten captured by Super Mario baddie Bowser, or at the very least, gotten himself into some trouble.In one of the latest Super Mario Bros.

Movie clips, Luigi is seen running away from a skeletal version of a Koopa Troopa, or, as they call them, «Dry Bones,» while holding a flashlight.

He eventually runs into even more, which could be the driving force behind how he became another one of Bowser's prisoners. RELATED: Super Mario Bros.

Movie Releases Final Trailer During Special Nintendo DirectThe Super Mario Bros. Movie tweeted the clip of Luigi's chase with the caption, «No bones about it, Luigi is in trouble. #SuperMarioMovie.» In the clip, Luigi is running away from Dry Bones while holding a flashlight, indicating that he was investigating the matter.

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