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Insomniac Could Bring Down the Internet Adapting This 90s Homage in Spider-Man 2 | Push Square

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Few IPs in modern history have contributed such a bountiful harvest of memes as Spider-Man. While Spider-Man Pointing at Spider-Man will always get a lot of play, there is another, unlike all the rest.

With the recent spectacular showing of Marvel's Spider-Man 2 at Sony's PlayStation Showcase, a once-in-a-generation opportunity is in the offing.

Fired-up fans like <a href=«» https:>NicholasPas5 on Twitter are hoping developer Insomniac will do the right thing and give us the gloriously overacted 1994 Shocker x Symbiote Spidey showdown sequel we deserve.

Could you even imagine? What are the chances we see it implemented in some fashion or another? Dare to dream in the comments section below.

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