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Green Dragonflight Armor Models on the Patch 10.1 PTR - Hints at Future Story?

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We've datamined a new set of vestments called «Dragon Green» on the Dragonflight Patch 10.1 PTR! This cosmetic ensemble comes in several surprising tints, which could hint at future story directions.

All of the other Dragon-themed sets datamined during the 10.1 PTR have bold colors that correspond to the major dragonflights — Red, Blue, Green, Black, and Bronze.

Some of the sets even have an ominous black/silver tint that hint at the Infinite Dragonflight. However, the «Dragon Green» set only comes in three pastel tints that don't really line up with the dragonflights.

Could this be another hint we are returning to the Emerald Dream in a future patch, returning to the unfinished business from The Dreamer questline at Dragonflight launch?

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