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Entertaining Elden Ring Video Sees Player Editing Themselves into the Godrick Boss Fight

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One highly talented fan of Elden Ring has edited themselves into the game, giving a glimpse as to how someone would react to fighting Godrick the Grafted, albeit with a bit more durability than an average person.

Fans have taken Elden Ring characters in various directions that tonally contrast with the dark fantasy setting, but this is a unique instance of a fan directly putting themselves in the game to comedic effect.Although Godrick is technically optional in Elden Ring, the game heavily guides players to fight him as the first boss carrying a Great Rune and is seen as one of the first major roadblocks for newer players to overcome.

Because of his place in the game, he is a formidable foe who appears so early on in most playthroughs and is someone who no doubt left an impression on many.

Because of this impression, he is the perfect boss to make a fun video showing how a newer player might interact with enemies in Elden Ring.

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