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Diablo 4 Beta Players Getting Stuck in Queues

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Diablo 4's early access beta has officially begun, but Blizzard servers are already having a tough time keeping up and queues are already starting to form.

This is the first of two Diablo 4 betas in March. This weekend's beta is closed, available solely to pre-orderers, pre-purchasers, and those who received a key through giveaways or KFC's Double Down promotion.

Yet even with restricted access, it seems Diablo 4's early access beta is struggling due to a wave of excited Diablo fans.Blizzard fans are well acquainted with frustrating betas and launches from the studio.

Diablo 3's launch in 2012 will forever live in infamy. Server issues clashed with Auction House errors, and all grew worse due to progression design limitations.

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