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Black Desert Land of the Morning Light Expansion Launching June 14th

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 Black Desert Online's big Land of the Morning Light expansion will launch worldwide on June 14th. Pearl Abyss shared the news in a special developer stream, along with details on what to expect from the Korean myth and legends-inspired expansion, from huge bosses, new modes, and the Woosa and Maegu Awakening launch timelines.

This is going to be a huge expansion, and the team announced that there are new zones to explore, with new architecture and vegetation, and storyline that will be found in a non-linear quest line that features 80 cutscenes,  40 vignettes and over 6,000 voice lines.

This is just the beginning. Given that the expansion is rooted in inspiration from Korean myth and legends, there’s also something to ground it in.

As Black Desert Online Executive Producer Jaehee Kim said, in a release, “I want adventurers to experience the Korean medieval era, its architecture, clothing, mythology, and joys and sorrows of life”.

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