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World Championship Boxing Manager 2 Developer Interview: Experience the Journeys of Classic Boxers

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Fistfighting has been around since the beginning of time, and boxing (or some form of martial pugilism) has been around basically as long.

Celebrate the ancient tradition (as well as the modern advancements in boxing) by taking fighters under your wing, coaching them, and leading them to victory (or defeat) in World Championship Boxing Manager, which you can claim right now as part of IGN Plus.

Plus members - get your key for World Championship Boxing Manager 2 here on its IGN Rewards page . Not a Plus member? Sign up now .

You can also follow the devs on Twitter . I sat down with Andrew Marsh, the Creative Director for WCBM2, to discuss the development of the game, its goals, and what players can expect when they jump into this retro (but approachable) management sim.Boxing games have been around since very early in gaming history, and the team at MegaCat was interested in creating a boxing management game for several reasons.

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