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"What a dumb f*cking game!": Asmongold reacts to game-breaking bug in Diablo 4 as he loses character in minutes

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Zack "Asmongold" faced a game-breaking crash minutes after getting into Diablo 4, which deleted his character, forcing him to restart his playthrough from the beginning.Blizzard's brand-new ARPG is a highly anticipated entry in the famous Diablo franchise.

Those who have pre-ordered certain versions of the game have been given access to a BETA build over the weekend. As a longtime Diablo fan, Asmongold was one of the many creators streaming the game as soon as possible.However, a server crash hilariously disconnected him from the game moments after he claimed to have streamer privilege.

The OTK co-founder was furious and ended up cussing the game out: After a bit of progress in Diablo 4, the streamer found himself following an NPC into a tavern.

After some exposition, his audience informed him of a mass 'DC' or disconnection error happening to some of them. Zack, however, reassured them that because of his content creator status, he was safe before making the fateful mistake of clicking on a random NPC:Hilariously, immediately after clicking on the old lady in the tavern, Asmongold's game crashed, and a dialog box popped up on the screen which read:Timestamp 1:57:28After staring at the screen in disbelief, Asmongold tried to start a new game and got quite furious, considering he had just started playing it.

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