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Valve is Offering Steam Wallet Credit for Users Who Purchased Steam Deck Before Spring Sale

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So, as all of us were made painfully aware of, the Steam Spring Sale is currently going on. This sale brought with it massive discounts across several high-profile games that can be found within the store owned by Valve.

In other words, it's the time of the year when people's wallets begin to cry as they try to run away from the savings. Jokes aside, one of the highlights of the sale is the fact that the ever-popular Steam Deck also had a sale in which the device had a 10% discount.Of course, some users didn't know that the portable PC would go into a discount and purchased a Steam Deck before the sale went live.

As such, some users would feel ripped off, considering they missed out on a deal that would have at least alleviated some of the asking prices.

However, Valve is aware of the issue this might present and, as a show of good faith, is now offering a refund for users who bought the Steam Deck before the sale.This was first spotted by a Redditor who talked about their purchasing process; the story was later corroborated by other users of the social media platform.

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