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Valve is Giving Steam Wallet Credit to Some Recent Steam Deck Buyers

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Gamers who’ve been kicking themselves for purchasing Valve’s Steam Deck shortly before the popular handheld gaming device went on sale may be in luck, as some users are reporting that Valve is giving Steam Wallet credit equal to the difference in price.

Valve’s sleek handheld that lets gamers enjoy their PC gaming library on the go has been a hit with gamers, and the Steam Deck is now available for 10% off through March 23.Released in early 2022, Valve’s Steam Deck represented a massive leap forward for handheld PC gaming.

While Valve had previously struggled to find success for its forays into the gaming hardware market, with its Valve Index VR headset standing out as a rare hit amid less-successful products like Steam Machines and the Steam controller, the Steam Deck quickly found an audience with gamers looking to enjoy their PC library on the go.

Capable of running even most high-end PC titles, a recent list of the most popular games on Steam Deck shows gamers using the powerful handheld to enjoy everything from simple titles like Vampire Survivors to sprawling RPGs like Persona 5 Royal.

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