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Star Wars: Princess Leia's Rise To Power In The Rebellion

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There are, frankly, far too many characters in the ever-expanding Star Wars canon to ever come close to giving all of them a full and fair display.

Often, there is so much going on that sometimes even the most important characters have huge parts of their lives go unaddressed or barely explored.Princess Leia is the first main character introduced in the entirety of the massive Star Wars film franchise.

Her actions are the inciting incident of the original trilogy's plot, and she's a key character throughout both it and the sequel trilogy.

Fans remember her big moments, but the story of her rise to power is interesting.Star Wars: Han And Leia's Honeymoon Has A Canonical Connection To Disney WorldLeia Amidala Skywalker Organa Solo was born to Padme Amidala, an important political figure who died tragically as a consequence of the birth.

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