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Sims 4 Infant Starts Early Midlife Crisis

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Nancy Landgraab has hit a full midlife crisis as an infant with the new Sims 4 Growing Together pack. After waiting a long time, this month Simmers finally got two special deliveries: the free Sims 4 infants update and the release of the Growing Together expansion pack.

Players are still exploring the content that came with the additions of these two updates.Infants are the new life stage available in The Sims 4, but the other previously available life stages got plenty of unique features in Growing Together to make them more interesting.

An example of this was the addition of the midlife crisis to the game. Now, when Sims enter a routine and get fed up with their day-to-day life, they will slowly start experiencing signs of entering an early midlife crisis, and players can either allow it to become a full-blown crisis or change up their Sim's habits to prevent it from happening.

The Sims 4 Player Creates Boss Baby in the GameIn a recent lilsimsie video, the popular Sims content creator attempts an interesting Sims 4 challenge in which she must survive in a household with only an adult and seven infant Sims.

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