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Scream 6 Finally Addresses Major Fan Theory

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The recently released Scream 6 has finally addressed one of the franchise's biggest fan theories and lingering questions: is Stu Macher still alive?

Scream fans have been wondering about Stu's fate since the original Scream movie, but now they need to wonder no longer.Please note this article will have MAJOR SPOILERS for the entire Scream franchise, including Scream 6Stu Macher was one of the killers in the original Scream movie, alongside Billy Loomis.

At the end of the first Scream, the shocking reveal is made that the Ghostface killer is actually two people, with Stu and Billy working in tandem to commit their murder spree.

Their plan was to frame Sidney's father for the killings, and so the two of them stab each other to sell the ruse. Stu loses a lot of blood in the process, and is then ultimately killed after Sidney drops a TV on his head.

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