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Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Launch New Limited-Time Tera Raid Battle for March 2023

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This weekend, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet players will have a limited time to test their mettle against a new seven-star Tera raid boss and capture it if successful.

The new boss will once again carry the Mightiest Mark and will give Pokemon Scarlet and Violet trainers a vast number of rewards upon its defeat.The new seven-star Tera raid battle is just the fifth to be added to Pokemon Scarlet and Violet since launch.

Unlocking seven-star raids requires trainers to have also unlocked six-star raids, which can only be done after reaching the post-game, taking part in the Academy Ace Tournament at least once, and defeating a handful of five-star raids either alone or with help from other trainers online.

As was the case with Cinderace and Greninja before it, this new seven-star Tera raid battle will pit trainers against another beloved starter Pokemon from past games.

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