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Overwatch 2’s Most Iconic Ultimate Ability May Be Broken

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An Overwatch 2 player shared a clip showing how Cassidy's ultimate may be broken, but not in the way Cassidy mains would like.

In the first year of Overwatch 2, players have seen many diverse bugs haunting Blizzard's hero shooter. A common case has been abilities not working as they should, which may be happening with one of the game's most iconic ultimates.There has been no shortage of debate in Overwatch 2 Season 3 about many different aspects of the game.

The community is known for being very vocal in pointing out the problems in Blizzard's game, offering frequent feedback to the developers.

While the mission of balancing Overwatch 2 is not easy, the devs actively work to provide the best experience possible with patches fixing bugs, glitches, and other issues.

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