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More Themed Weapon Models Datamined in Patch 10.1 - Rogue Sword & Horde Axe

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We've found a couple more interesting weapon models datamined from the Dragonflight Patch 10.1 PTR! While this Rogue sword seems to be another of the class-themed weapons, the Horde Axe may be part of a different group of equipment entirely.

1H Rogue Sword This one-handed sword is almost certainly one of the missing weapons from our Class Specific Weapons, Shields, and Offhands highlight last week, matching the blue and red color schemes of the two different Rogue dagger models already discovered.

It's still unclear where these weapons will come from, though since we've discovered one weapon per specialization for most classes so far, some of which are very reminiscent of previous Artifact weapons, the prevailing theory is that these could be new Mage Tower rewards or come from some similar sort of new activity.

1H Horde Flame Axe This axe is a little more ambiguous. Like the second group of Race Themed Weapons we found, it's not associated by name with any specific class, however unlike those two-handed swords, this axe doesn't seem to fill in any of the missing specialization gaps either (currently Hunter, Evoker, Fury Warrior, and one Warlock specialization).

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